The best & worst college sports mantras

Let’s take a look at the best & worst college sports mantras, or taunts, shall we?


Fight on! (The greatest. Go see “Unbroken” & you’ll see why)

Bear Down! (Legendary)

Geaux Tigers! (Perfect Cajun take on a classic)

Tiger Bait! or Gator Bait! (The best at home during tailgating)

Roll Tide! (Classic, legendarily cool, even though…roll? Tide? An elephant? What the hell are you guys talking about?)

War Eagle! (Awesome. I once heard the story…though I don’t remember what it’s about. But it’s awesome)

Hook ’em! (Perfect)

Boomer Sooner! (Very good…maybe I’m partial because of the legendary past…but who’s Boomer?)

Go Green! and Go Blue! (claiming a primary color is bold. I love it)

Who have I forgotten?


Gig ’em! (Wanted to give Texas A&M the benefit of the doubt, because y’all are so awesomely passionate, but then I thought–“wait, nobody knows what an Aggie is, or what the hell “gig ’em” even means”. A for effort.

Go _______! You can’t hate it, can’t love it. It’s just what you do when you don’t have much else. You don’t want to fall into the category below, do you? Don’t push it.


8 Clap (is this an STD, or a drunken episode of Dora the Explorer? You should be thankful for ASU)

Fear the Fork (PAT FREAKING TILLMAN played at your school, and you put forth dieting advice?! Seriously, IT’S NOT A FORK! It’s a freaking trident, you fools. I know your no-academic-standards-having students that you’ve admitted would never remember the word “trident”, but fork? Really? Good lord that’s stupid.)

Thank you to Rob Lantz & Gatley for inspiring this post.

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