My Political Platform In A Parallel Life

My Political Platform In A Parallel Life, Had I Decided To Run For Office

I’ve come to realize that I’m no longer a social conservative. I’m fiercely pro-life, and otherwise libertarian. Our Founders did declare we were endowed inalienable rights by God; LIFE, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness–and that declaration mostly shapes my views.

– I’m adamantly against the death penalty.

– I’m for getting the Government out of marriage entirely & offering equal protection & opportunity under the law for all adult couples that so choose to enter into Civil Unions together.

– I’m against the war on drugs.

– I’m in favor of legalizing & regulating all naturally occurring drugs.

– I want to entirely overhaul our criminal justice system which (thanks to the war on drugs & abortion) has played a giant part in destroying the nuclear black family. Realizing Margaret Sanger’s racist, evil dream.

Fiscally, I’m as staunchly libertarian conservative as it gets; income taxes should be abolished (our earnings are our most basic & fundamental property rights).

We should be taxed on what we CHOOSE to consume from the economy, not what we produce & put into the economy. Meaning, we should pay taxes on what we purchase. Never on what we make. This could be socially engineered & progressive as well, to help those that are poorest amongst us by exempting entire categories of goods & services; Eg gasoline, used autos under $XYZ, medical, electricity, cell phone & service, all groceries and all clothing items under $100. There should be no exclusions for corporate expenses, but no confiscation of the money they make either.

On the top-end, the rates could climb higher on higher consumption, and on items that are more middle & upper class, or those that the poor CHOOSE (there’s that word again) to purchase, such as electronics, new cars, and anything over $100 (Jordan’s & $200 jeans, for example).

All levels of Government should be required to operate on a balanced budget (with exclusions at the Federal level for times of declared war).

You want to revitalize the American economy & reverse the off-shoring of the industries that could still operate here? Watch how fast money flies into the US economy when you eliminate confiscation of their capital. When every purchase that every individual & every corporation makes has a clear “price of Government” attached to it in the form of a sales tax, we will see a more accountable & transparent Government at every level.

Can you imagine the wake-up call that people would get when–overnight–the price of gasoline dropped by 50%?

When those layers of “hidden” taxes are removed out of the cost of everything we purchase, we won’t even notice when the $150 pair of shoes has $45 in taxes removed and the $105 shoes now only cost $133 even with the 27% sales tax (which the authors of many studies say is the ‘revenue neutral’ starting point) clearly seen on the receipt.

Most importantly, this is a foundational principle of liberty: you are only separating with your most important property–that which you give your time & abilities to earn–BY CHOICE! No more of this confiscating of your property between your employers & your bank account, as they recklessly spend what they continue to pillage from We The People.

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