Nets tonight (+8.0) Enjoy the Spurs/Blazers, get down on the Pacers & Thunder now!

I just lost all of the text of this post–complete with what I assure you was a stellar, and thought-provoking write-up on the Heat/Nets tonight, the series, as well as the Spurs/Blazers and looking ahead to the Pacers/Wizards and Clippers/Thunder in what amounts to must-win positions for the home teams.

Bummer–Wordpress screwed me there–oh well.

Long story, short; take the points tonight with the Nets. Enjoy the Spurs & Blazers and let’s try to get a feel for how the Spurs are playing.   Get down on the home teams tomorrow night, as well as the UNDER in the OKC/LAC game, as OKC will bring the intensity, and the Clippers have shown that they respond to the tempo, not necessarily force the tempo (as seen in the two UNDERs in the GSW series)

James Pierce

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